Narrowing Sky

There are no easy roads. Street lights still hang. Ever so mysteriously by night's glare. Grave gazers still know the secret for infinity's love. Pain learns to stay... With or without reward. Sad goodbyes, linger long after the spoken word. ∇ As narrowing sky falls to the ground... Dressed as, urban decay. Sultry poignant awe … Continue reading Narrowing Sky

Cajoling Innocence

I maintain that there is a desperate social need for the creative behavior of creative individuals... In a time when knowledge, constructive and destructive, is advancing by the most incredible leaps and bounds into a fantastic atomic age, genuinely creative adaptation seems to represent the only possibility that we can keep abreast of the kaleidoscopic … Continue reading Cajoling Innocence

Bruised Impressions

Ran vagary over and over. As if, smitten by a nemesis of a four-leaf clover. There is no supremacy here, there or...anywhere. We all are diminished by the same bed of rock. No matter the choice. No matter the manner in which we leave a bruised impression. Each to their own. Put to rest by the … Continue reading Bruised Impressions

Crowded Houses

It is a double-sided cross that gathers in my heart. It is neither here. Nor...there. Yet, it is everywhere. † I try to smooth it over with words... But the words do not come out right. And, with every inaction... A splintered reaction. Volatility, plus, age. Makes the rising waters more difficult to bare. Allowing … Continue reading Crowded Houses

How to Admire a Partly Cloudy Day

Someday, I do not know when. Illusions spawned from delusions. Will spill from a cup-shaped cloud in the sky Ominous voices. Will no longer, be antagonizing and lacking choices. Abuse... Only cloudy with a chance of rain. Misfits will feel free to tell each other...their secrets. And, the wilderness of society will no longer address … Continue reading How to Admire a Partly Cloudy Day

Ache of Promise

A walk among reservations. Tossing away toys from before. Falling like a wealth of depressions...into a provisional floor. Troubles...dragging me down. Nothing but self-imposed seclusion...uttering around. A fish tanked. Looking at an a far off shore. ⊗ But love dared me. And, offered tokens of my innocence as...reward. Conundrum of careful carefree chances. An … Continue reading Ache of Promise

Superficiality and Sanity

Why would anyone wait? As though, a film of dust dilutes the mind. Leaving only dramatic pause. Or... Climatic sensibility to celebrate. ∇ I ramble the revelation of each new day. Nevertheless, a jaded lady often stands in my way. How crazy? To feed the madness. Freeing,frenzy. In a two-way conversation. Among the animals … Continue reading Superficiality and Sanity

Paper People

Culmination of several pools ushered into one. Certain type of breeds...taking a right turn on a left lane. Booming with laughter... Providing antics lacking discretion. Precursors to the winds of change. Nighttime owls flocking together. Whilst flying worlds apart. Such is the penance of pebbles thrown to the airs of the heart. Mongrels without redemption … Continue reading Paper People

Ugly Symmetry

With damage done... A sparse oak will cling for life. Past peak leafs will stay beyond the changing of a summer's guard. Beauty, evermore present... while seasons wane and become...increasingly hard. Eclectic vibrancy fills the air with sighs of...relief. Balancing the acts of outside forces... Again and, again, flowers from the weeds.

Levity Angels

Effervescent enough... for reticent paths unsung. Words we mean to say. Bramble clouds on a spring day. Long, the travel, for reflection's whisper. Searching for answers without having certainty. It was a sobering pact, I made when writing... 'first do no harm.' Cursive tall as, an ancient New Hampshire pine. In the nativity of my … Continue reading Levity Angels

Lost Time Incidents

Roots, resin and herb. Delicate shards of sun. But ever and again... tranquility...comes undone. Rigid flags of meaning. Frayed and displaced. Surging blatant truths in smoked stained fields Revel an accompanying 'hell on earth.' Barking dogs harvested for defense. Basement sale slavery...submissive innocence. Placement of paupers below our feet. Diligently awaiting subhuman retreat. ∝ Far … Continue reading Lost Time Incidents

White Trash Dream Team

Scattered in the muddle of the attic... Every toy that could go wrong. All the playmates with no shoes... All and blue. Chaos lusts upon the ramshackle miscues. Mayhem even friendlier... When malice fills the musky air. Between the clapboards dipped in mold. Three flights up... And, madness thickens with tall tales told. ⇔ I … Continue reading White Trash Dream Team

Before the Closet Door

Ironic, the emotions are no different on the other side. Having subsisted in the great pretense of...someone else. Then...and, now... when the floods rushed upon me. It had always been torment that I felt. ⊗ Today, as before, the closet door, love was a feast in which I dined. Hate a rapturous offender. Dissidence for … Continue reading Before the Closet Door

Manger of Daydreaming Luxury

In the cradle of her arms... There is never a hastened hush. It is a haven of opulence. And, I's welcomed visitor. Though my time there is often visceral. I go there to expose my painful history. ♥ If I could choose where to fade away... I would be where the taste meets on … Continue reading Manger of Daydreaming Luxury

Chilled Tears

  In the chill of spring rains... Comes the ridicule. A flurry of inquiries sounding off to tone-deaf songs. Moistened mists whose embrace feels lonely and wrong. Chilled April tears aware of all the ways to be wicked. Rapidly descending lullaby's of walks that will never be. Addled salutations awash in April rains... And, a … Continue reading Chilled Tears

Mother Nature’s Waiting Room

 See your life as a gift from the great unknown. And your task is to receive it. Mary Chapin Carpenter Mother Nature's Waiting Room Life begins old...out north. From the furthest reaches of... a farmer's market to stoic granite. Blistering exhibitions for 'a party of one' along forsaken scenic byways. Hamlets of unknown origin...where glances … Continue reading Mother Nature’s Waiting Room

Insecurity Never Gets Lost

At some point, promises given out...weigh greater than...the ones kept. The heft of diminishing worlds...overwhelm delicate scales of time. An eternity of missteps...lost in tall pines. Stockpiles of contrasting beauty...yet, no apparent sign. I frequent my primitive vows. Though they have snapped and rotted... Cracked and shattered... Receding over the years. Bare and illegible, I … Continue reading Insecurity Never Gets Lost

When Great Trees Fall

When great trees fall, rocks on distant hills shudder, lions hunker down in tall grasses, and even elephants lumber after safety. When great trees fall in forests, small things recoil into silence, their senses eroded beyond fear. When great souls die, the air around us becomes light, rare, sterile. We breathe, briefly. Our eyes, briefly, … Continue reading When Great Trees Fall

Late Night Calls

A crippling glance had been the commencement to the conclusion. All roads must lead somewhere. Every waterfall brings disrepair. Fate has an ironic tone...painting by number. Elaborating in the future. And, with eloquence...bleeding into the past. Leaving behind a present that fades fast. ∞ In all manner of ability some find a way to get … Continue reading Late Night Calls

Twilight Confessions

Whimsically showing no mercy...a twilight delusion about the father. What was it? That he had wanted to convey. Had he found someone new? Perchance, the open door policy would not renew? Years blinded by the light of 'please forgive me.' Chastised by the encampments of kingdoms to come. Deceptively I had been a place-mat for … Continue reading Twilight Confessions

Walking By Heaven’s Door

  Just one of those, where the rain barely keeps you awake, moments. Seconds with my life for life's sake. Hidden in the foggy valleys of every god forsaken town. Storybook ghosts walk by without any sound. Every now and again, I cling to these forcibly sad days. The ones so silent they dare not … Continue reading Walking By Heaven’s Door


Plummeting to a gravel road. Cascading city on wheels. Eighteen wheeled miscreants. Playing heavy metal solos to the articulation of my heart. An infinitely booming question begs... ON what is this sense of impending doom...fed? Arguments with tension's gods? Or, shall I remain 'fetal with anxieties odds?'   Punch drunk breaks of acceptance and it's … Continue reading Edgy

You Humble Me

You humble me. Be it ever so casually. Still, you humble me.   As we shift into each other. Loneliness bares it's those unfamiliar with the, coil of your laughter. Only to await...what comes after.   Your careening smile in times of silly matters. The dust you leave behind...when being innocently kind. Weathered … Continue reading You Humble Me

Lost Your Way?

Have you ever lost your way? Have mercy thinkin' 'bout yesterday? I was barefoot in the creek. Singin' songs that came out of the street.  And my heart was free as a breeze. Long before it was broken...Long before harsh words were spoken... There was nothing to rise above. Have you ever gone astray? Rode … Continue reading Lost Your Way?

Finest of Fabrication

    To not hold manipulation near. A fool hearty sense of injustice that is abundantly...clear. Plaintiff and defendant for a cause. To believe coarse skin subtle. Just a matter of thought. So what is it to be an empty pocket of integrity? Or, a magical tour of mystery. It is a mere desolate trail... … Continue reading Finest of Fabrication

Metallic After Midnight

Innocent bystanders. Cordial and unlucky. Awaiting with causality toward yesterday. Upholding many hours past midnight. An ill lit embankment to instill a traveler's fright.   No one is born unto a shift by the graveyard. Poetically speaking, the role of walking dead no more different from... portraying a fly at the bar. A limp for … Continue reading Metallic After Midnight

Deadpan Beauty

If I had taken my blinders off. What would I see? Everything that others have assumed to be? The aberration is dim. Not yet completely out of sight. Gleam to a dull knife. ♠ So this is what happens when you can no longer afford disillusionment? Potted and plotted on the earth's dance room floor. … Continue reading Deadpan Beauty

Defiling the Jester

Translucent host earthbound. Flow through me. Forage around. Form a puddle on the ground. Unmistakably in these clear moments. A moan from my former self. 'Feet don't fail me now.' And... in due course, the dereliction of blood and what it may sport. All intent on defiling this jester's court. When atoms will do what … Continue reading Defiling the Jester

the Chemistry of Melting Snow

I found my wants in a pile of residual snow. As if, it had no place left to go. Over the wrecked rectory on the hill. Beyond the country store where the town drunks get their fill. Ten miles past Franklin Motel. A habitat for the loners looking to get out of hell. I nudged … Continue reading the Chemistry of Melting Snow

Only Human

DogMa! I take for granted my small circle of  friends.  Not always.  But occasionally.  As I am only human...and, as my dogs know...I am bound to make mistakes. “Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead Walk beside me… just be my friend” Albert Camus

It is in the Way…We Walk

  Letter from Mother... Insinuate with soft, well, chosen strides. Leave an open arm's path...ahead and behind. A venue for others to confide. Not all season's covet rebirth. Ultimately, no man-made earth. ♠ Contrite, as it appears. Extinction grows near. Beware an over harvest...coupled with a weighty appetite. In every budding sapling, a saint, a … Continue reading It is in the Way…We Walk

Starve the Ache

  If I saw her I would have run.  But the shadowy figure had been me...and, I know what that means. Just a hop, skip and a jump!  As, I am aware of every morning.  Even that athletic tussle...would not set Awareness and chronic pain go hand in hand. You cannot ignore...What you can … Continue reading Starve the Ache

the Contempt of a Father

A promising death is only for the descent.  In the dwelling of can transpire as...heaven sent. No words can portray...Faded figures of dismay.  Knives wielded and the blood of innocents only pictorial for display. Desolate in the scene of a heart.  A woman, a man, a child...within a nowhere land.  Endings, that begin with … Continue reading the Contempt of a Father

Yesterday’s Raven

It all seems as if the happening...just began yesterday. Velcro' d lifelines that came unhinged. It is in the manner in which, strangers stare. As if, they are aware time has been unfair.   There had been a raven visiting in a calm before the storm. Turning over the moments in the pleasure of flight. … Continue reading Yesterday’s Raven

the Despair of Schizophrenia

  Yes, I've wanted to give up.  Who hasn't?  She was my vision of possibility without disgrace. Nearly, fifteen years ago, she had her first psychotic break, that we witnessed together.  Of course, there had been many previous times...gone from this world, unto and onto, another.  Those are moments in time, that I could only … Continue reading the Despair of Schizophrenia

the Bleeding Insides of an Artist

Are you the stranger in your life? Our thoughts are being pilfered everyday.  To think otherwise?  Would be unwise.  We must educate in a free society.  Mind washing from the church pews to the loosely termed 'news'.  Is nothing more than slight and vague attempts at changing who we are...who we want to be.  As … Continue reading the Bleeding Insides of an Artist

Your Song

Precious are these words I sing. They remind me of you. Preserved in tenderness, I hum a sweet melody. Your present day renaissance is my whisper's fidelity... On all the vague notes. Within the tragic, sullied, songs. Your sun shines bright on a lyrical lawn. Silence, the sparring, when my clustered shadows appear without a … Continue reading Your Song

The Muse of Medusa

Sarton: ...Although, I have loved men, I haven't written poems to them.  It's very mysterious.  It's not something you can control.  It does come from the subconscious, from the gods, if you will.  It occurs to me that the poem to at this moment, because of the finding of one's own secret and terrible self … Continue reading The Muse of Medusa

A One Story House

    I met a woman who owned a lone house. She kept it, as is, for prosperity's sake. 'Can I help you?' she quipped. At the moment, I wished for isolation. So a vague attempt was given to, wordy invitation. Oh, to be as a stray control of my own destination. ⊕ The … Continue reading A One Story House

Romantic Bouts of Turmoil

I envision her. I think of us. I relinquish my trust. Even during momentary, poetic, bouts of tears and turmoil. In the midst of incidents of glad-tidings, glad-rags and grand gestures. I find myself muddled in the mire. A lost child bewildered in the wilderness. My steps heavy, lacking desire. ♥♥ Somehow, I have slipped … Continue reading Romantic Bouts of Turmoil

Using Lady Liberty to Help Others

I am aware of the no one cares, history months.  The black history, the white man history month(which happens 365 days of the year)...and, the women's history month. I do not have the proper wordy etiquette and focus... to write about history.  I cannot place the words in such a way as to, pique a … Continue reading Using Lady Liberty to Help Others

As Music Goes Out of Existence

When a lute is played, there is no previous store of playing that it comes from.  When the music stops, it does not go anywhere else.  It came into existence by way of the structure of the lute and the playing of the performer.  When the playing ceases, the music goes out of existence. In … Continue reading As Music Goes Out of Existence