Adulthood & Other Mistakes

The truest things in life-

The notion that your cat is smarter than you.  Well, at least you got that right.

Most dogs named Lucky are challenged in some way or another.  Most dogs named Lucky, are forgiving of human’s nature and very sweet.

If your spouse is picking the battle of the day, you should just grin and say, Yes, dear!

Adults by their forties will see far more things than they will ever understand.

Love is often is elusive, not cheap and worthy of knowing no boundaries.

I should never judge anyone else’s long term relationship until I’ve hit the century mark with my own.

Religion and spirituality are very different from each other but they don’t have to be.

Having faith means having inner conflict.

Having inner conflict keeps us honest and allows for us to keep what faith we have.

All parents are not saints, nor are they sinners, they were given few instructions to a book with a couple of the pages missing.

We are not all destined for greatness but it should be on our bucket list.

Being ‘gay’ used to mean feeling happy.  Somewhere along the way the meaning got lost in translation.

Being in a close knit family is quite a bit like being on a human trampoline.

All any of us truly have is the ‘precious present’.

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