Upper Middle Class? Fed, wed and Bred!

I hate the word homophobia –Morgan Freeman
I hate the word homophobia –Morgan Freeman (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

The causes that seem just to anyone my age are pretty simple: keep upper middle class America fed, wed and bred.  Give to any organization that has cute puppies.  I’m not sure about puppy mills; those websites sure have some real cute puppies, LOL!  Don’t see the harm in them; all the dogs are well taken care of in the pictures.  Oh, yeah and the other important thing we need to take care of, our mental health.

I suppose that would make a good start to my application for grad school.  Me thinks that those are all issues that Mr. Obama should address.

Originally, I had wanted to vote for Romeny.  Father Floyd told me once, ‘Ambien Grace, if you get someone in the White House who makes his own money…we’ll all make money!’

Course he has a job in math or economics or business.  And, usually, he spouts his words of wisdom from his overstuffed leather recliner while drinking an imported beer and grading papers.  Romney looked good on paper; well dressed, cute wife and he wanted to cut welfare.  The homosexuality, abortion and Mormon thing aren’t really big issues.

Homosexuals scare me, I had been raised a homophobic.  Abortions aren’t really a concern because I want to have lots and lots and lots of babies on a ranch while taking pictures and playing with butterflies.  Mormons?  I had to look that term up.  Turns out it’s not a term at all.  It is some form of religion.  I ask you, why would people be so concerned about a religion that takes place in Utah?

I voted for Obama in the end.  My girlfriend encouraged me to look at his stand on things.  I didn’t.  But I voted for him just to shut her up.

Wheeling around the mean streets of Concord, the upper end, near the fancy houses, by my parent’s abode, in my deceased grandfather’s car, talking to Beckett Couvillion the third, killing time until Mother Theresa gets home and cooks me dinner: I wonder about those poor souls who missed the boat in school.  The kids on grants, scholarships and whatnot, how are they surviving?

Shit, almost a year out and things look so bright for me I have to keep the shades drawn in my attic room.  No real job, no real future, no real connection…perhaps, the National Guard is looking for leaders.  I have never been real good at leading but I’m doing a great job at being a follower.

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