Pleasantville USA..

road to nowhere...come on along
ecstasy stop short in a car with no brakes

To originally say, Hey, Ambien did you join AmeriCorps to help the world be a better place? Did you wish to enrich yourself and make it easier for others to have the things that you take so much for granted?
Shit, no! I did it for the money. Five thousand dollars and a free trip to see the states and a way to get Mother Theresa off my white girl with a black girl’s ass had been my one and only intention.
I fell in love with her once she was evil I remember, her 22nd
Birthday she became legal tender. Some say she was heaven sent…
With skeletons in her closet, traded herself for drugs and stayed
Inside of her wallet. I know women who couldn’t have her who
Became alcoholics, in the fetal position bent over toilets
And calling for earl with pains in their bladders so people listen
When I tell you it really don’t matter.
It ain’t for the money…”
Bullshit, it is always for the money or sex or drugs. Look at me, I’m weaving baskets and packing boxes…How is that making the world a better place?
God and others with ignorant ideas of Pleasantville USA would love to think the government knows what it is doing.
I say, once again, Travel with the Blue Bomber Ambien Grace and you will see the underbelly of what is wrong with our nation.
Sending suicidal, homophobic, drunken white bread and obtuse young lass’s such as myself to the heart of America for more money than I could make selling Oxy…
So, if you are truly sincere in your attempt at being just like everyone else. Do as I do not as I say. Don’t ask, don’t tell. And, always smile for the camera with your fingers crossed behind your back.
Remember…Volunteer America!

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