Conspiracy with Ambien Grace

The Way Out, or Suicidal Ideation: George Grie...
The Way Out, or Suicidal Ideation: George Grie, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my readers had sent me a blurb on the effects of Ambien while being alive.

I took note of it and packed it away with the rest of the useless information I receive on a daily basis.  Items such as: growing up and how to get there, learning from the past, blowing up balloons to make the United States a safer place and dog training for dummies.

I couldn’t shake one thought however.  Could it be a conspiracy by the powers that be?  I am not afflicted with ignorance?  Have I not laid to waste the lives of so many?  Is it not true that my suicidal ideation and borderline tendencies have left many scratching their heads and asking, WTF!

the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round!
the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round!

Perhaps, the US government purposely and with malice in the flag of our fore fathers: encouraged white trash trailer bunnies such as my birth Mom to go ahead and fuck everything in sight.  And, by doing so, a pile of human waste starting at Lakes Region Hospital, NH, rolled down to Texas, leaving several other Ambien decedents in it’s path.

Like the masons, to which my Adopt-A-Grandpa, Ed, belonged, the society of Tucked Away but Fucked Up Ambien Workers, have infiltrated every unappreciated dumbed down nook in the fabric of our society?

I’ll have to understand more about the words I just wrote.  Perhaps, utilize Google and get back to you with an answer on that one.

For now, here’s to volunteering to paint a smiley face on the poor and impoverished, one Ambien Grace stroke at a time.

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