To Lie Down with Dogs

Stupid, not really, if I have an itch...I scratch it!
Not really, if I have an itch…I scratch it!

Doesn’t anyone in your family inquire about your love life? Just sayin’.
Doesn’t anyone want to know if you’re dating someone? Isn’t it odd that you are 22 years old and not seeing anyone?


For me?  Mum doesn’t want to know!  She’d be freaked out and I’m pretty sure if I were to marry a woman she wouldn’t go…She’d be busy disowning me.  And, Daddy, well, he’s never asked!

It’s hard to be strong when you can’t be yourself and accepted by your family…

On the weekends, here at Camp What the Fuck, Virginia, I have time and fake friends on my hands.

So, this is what has landed in my empty air space-

How is it I managed two things:

I’m not marrying you while you’re married, I had told Kate. I also put my foot down to her having two wives and her unwillingness to leave Kris, the current wife. Utah was not on the AmeriCorps map nor was it on mine.

Secondly, when I witnessed the carnage of:

When I slept with Tyler I thought about you. I honestly did. Your face loomed above his while I gave him a blow job. I’d think you’d be happy ‘bout that. But if you want to make this all about you…go right ahead!
Via the dirty Penny in Tyler, Texas.
I should have known with that one…She did tell me that she wasn’t into girls. You know me, I always go after what I want and get it…even if it feels like a big shit after a week of constipation.
Lying down with dogs? Dirty, disgusting and unkempt?
Another woman who shall remain nameless; another, cry from the Ambien Harassment Police,

...she who lies down with dogs will rise up with fleas!
…she who lies down with dogs will rise up with fleas!

She said I was dirty and never showered. She hated me. I had to have someone stay with me at work just in case the wack-o came back for me…wah-wah!’
Many moons ago I had been told that when I am pointing three fingers at someone, usually that means there are several fingers pointing back.
Had I not made my bed? What will be waiting for me once I become un-de-tained from the detention center for misguided volunteers?
Disownment? Disapproval? Distinctively bad nude photos still looming on Google?
Had I not been a dawg in the first place would I have laid down anyway?
Most likely, yes, I lay down with anything. That is my one and only redeeming quality!

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