Getting Weak Inside?

Later in life, within the time constraints of being young enough to fuck anywhere, anyhow and with anyone…and along the fine edges of knowing you should know better but go ahead and practice the art of difficult positioning and learning that mixing grape jelly and Vic‘s Vapor rub is not the brightest perverted idea you’ve had…

Fuck Them All
Fuck Them All (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about this time in adulthood of ‘do as I say not as I do’ flirtations a common sense person would understand the following to be true:
I am highly allergic to nuts…I should avoid them at all costs. Bee’s can cause severe drooling and puddles of paranoid bouts of sweat. Tequila makes me feel ten feet tall and endowed with iron clad balls. Heights of any sort require a good strong dose of Ativan and a strong spiritual sense that your time could come at any minute. Lastly, run in’s with the ball breaking authority figures shaped like donuts should not be addressed with ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think…I know that light was green a second ago.
If the above equations to midlife bedlam and mayhem can be considered to be truth. Mind you I am not a scientist. I abhor analytical minds. This equals that and therefore there can be no variation is akin to saying: I had an orgasm on this particular day of the week using the helicopter method while hanging from a chandelier and so it will be that on that particular day whilst practicing that same technique the orgasm will occur again.  Not!
Mad scientist or not. I still eat peanuts. I still climb to heights beyond medical control. And, unfortunately, I have had more ‘there is talk of arrest’ with the local police sober than drunk.
You know what else I do? Dabble in the art of understanding women. Women are the pecans lighted salted and roasted and are in need of my craving to feast on the forbidden fruit or nut in my case. Females often can be seen as the honey to which my bread needs spreading. And, most certainly, the femme fatale’ have caused my inside to burn out and turn on and shut down quicker than an Ethiopian long distance runner.

Lucinda Williams + Jimmy Livingstone - Sun 23 ...
Lucinda Williams + Jimmy Livingstone – Sun 23 June 2013 -0286 (Photo credit: The Queen’s Hall)

Why do we go back to the ‘habits’ of quenching that thirst? What within our animal nature conjures that little demon on the left shoulder to say, ‘yeah, that looks pretty good for a Friday night and the big bed delights.’ Where is the good angel? I don’t suppose I’ve ever seen him or her. I have fallen to the wayside of ‘I wonder what’s behind door number two’ more times than not.
I ate a peanut today whilst watching a lovely lady curved like a race track at the Daytona 500 and accentuated with just the right shade of radiant skin. I pulled the truck into gear, looked down at the empty wrapper of allergic liaisons and realized lust is as much a symptom as a cure.

Not a day goes by I don`t think about you
You left your mark on me it`s permanent a tattoo
Pierce the skin and the blood runs through
Oh my baby
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me
I stand over the stove in the kitchen
Watch the water boil and I listen
Turn off the television
Oh my baby
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me

I take off my watch and my earrings
My bracelets and everything
Lie on my back and moan at the ceiling
Oh my baby
Think about you and that long ride
I bite my nails I get weak inside
Reach over and turn off the light
Oh my baby

Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me

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