Winning back ’89

Winning Back in ’89

Fruitless Family FinesFruitess Family FInesFruitless Family Fines


Winning back in ’89.

A conductor’s timepiece…

doing time.

clockwork of Technicolor breakdowns

And, races to the finish smeared with red tape.

Cheers of holding on, discoveries that came much too late..

Winning back in ’89

Family values of a primitive kind.

No matter how white the snow may curently be

It has no choice to soil itself down.

It is in the deficient nature of the beast.

Wining back in ’89

Not of importance at the finish line.

Can a new reality be forged

Can we allow tainted walls closer to

the heart…

Can yesterday beckon a seasoned start

Winning back in ’89

Closer, closer, closer to fine.

No matter how secluded those that were dear

No matter how sequestered they appear

Beastly bones are nothing more than a…

Handed down meaningless antique.

Winning back in ’89

Taken back to the night


where to draw the line.

Be chivalrously autonomic

Being intimately private to true bone

Being in internal love, one but not alone.


Fruitless Family Fines

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