Get Back Up


Ain't no Steppin' Stoned

Pity for the dark horse.

Get back up.

Voices of the ambiguous angels

Get back up.

Choirs on the down low claim

you’ll once again,

be the way you used to be.

Get back up.

Shaken and stirred

adrift upon salted lime seas.

Messengers in a bottle of Devil Springs.

Alcoholic abyss face down…

wasted and feverishly…

you sing.

Get back up

Be what you used to be.

Vats of cankered clowns

living in an open sore town.

Only the lonely cry,

get back up.

Insanity’s puckered puppets

will always smile…

with a lie.

smiling lies

Been there too.

Bloated Bozo at the zoo.

Wastin’ away

naggin’ the brew

poppin’ the pills

sniffin’ the glue.

Get back up…

do what addicts do

Walkin’ on water

No use...being...who you used to be
No use…being…who you used to be

hydrating the blues!

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