Drag Queen Rapper

Drag Queen Rapper

drag queen rapper 3

I keep writing what should I do?

What should I do?

After all you’re not the only fool.

After all, you are the only you.

This is how it has always been done.

No more laughing, no more fun.

I’ll tell you what discouraged me the most.

This gene pool party…

being thrown without a host.

No stand up stand in at the picnic tables.

No Father Christmas to say,

just pack up your fruitcake and your labels.

This could have been my play…on words.

An an aging broad with a scrapbook.

Set at a home where the fairy tales are obscured.

Spinning like a warped LP

bedtime storiesdrag queen rapper 2


Irish drinking songs skinned and blurred.

What isn’t there to complain about?

Life like the Walton’s on acid.

Grandma’s homemade Kahlua diet…

buxom, bloated and filled with stout.

Flash forward Act One

Tomboy gone astray

Prodigal daughter’s mudslinging

Lost sons felony days

Act Two

eldest sibling, halter tops, blow-jobs

the swallowing of words gone wrong.

There is something to be said for

free firewall protection.

A family of viruses

connected by duct tape and super glue.

How do you manage all of it?drag queen rapper 1

Drag Queen rapper and white girl poet.

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