Ever Heard of Lisa Jane

Have you ever heard of Lisa Jane?

She was what many would call plain…just the same.think

All guts and glory

She never referred to the same old story.

There were some that said, she happened to be sane.

Silhouetted times two…she looks of a Great Dane.

And, so, with starkness, Lisa Jane could be found singing that forgotten song.

Not a singer was she…

the words were all wrong

Singing, singing…

where have all the years gone?

My Mae WestJust the same…

a bystander may wonder…

God in all her infinite wisdom

Oh, how she had made such a silly stick figure blunder.

Way down yonder where the dogwoods bellow.

In an attempt to keep time with those in tow.

Here again, we find, Lisa Jane.

Remembering again, she should be…

for all intensive purposes

stick figure sane.

But alas, she had lost a love.

And, than again and again…

IT has little do with men.

Wondering all the while…

couldn’t her mistakes just be…

a proud sense of style.

stand up 2 day
stand up 2 day

Hard to know what went wrong…

her radio fades in, same old silly love song.

Lisa Jane will never be just like all the rest.

Lisa, practices the hand on a hot stove…


To that,

her mother will attest.

Lisa Jane vain with plain.

Bought stock in miscued near misses.

She is I, and I am, they.

We are all weakened by the phantom romantic kiss.

Lisa has yellowed out the men on the list.

To the Lisa Jane of the world

romance is only a romantic man-made creation

love is only lovely to superficial values

marriage is only bondage to the ‘lies’ others tell you.

Lisa Jane,

always vainly plain

always singing the praises of responses unconditional

always, always, miming the traditions of the traditional

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