Dancing on a waxed floor

running on ice 6

Dancing on a waxed floor

Walkers and stalkers and miscreants

Bejeweled by the rules of half-baked tailors

in pillared tents.

running on ice1Vandals with handicap ramps.

Day jobs for the bell bottom high waters.

Electric cars and self starters.

Public bathrooms printed in


Loud Mommas singing,

Mac the Knife.

Steaming LIVE

running on ice 2drip dry

adult diapers and

Patty Page.

running on ice 5

Pedophile Sunday servants.

Russian dressing bombers.

Pet Friendly abusers.

The world’s biggest losers.

Touch holes


touch pads.

running on ice 3Secret mercenary missionaries



Polaroids on steroids.

Yahoo, Gaga,



vines of Googled.

Lug-heads with footballs


Ramen noodles.

Walk the line,

praise Be’s,

waking to the alarm

News at 6

another O.D.

running on ice 4

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