Prideful Pies in the Sky

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I forgot to turn my Buddha light on today. Which led me to hitting a suicidal squirrel…purely by accident. Which in turn started me thinking about resentments, creative individuals and society’s ‘norm’ as predicted by the conformist coalition.

There had been a friend of my mothers who for all intensive purposes seemed nice, white and upper middle class. The problem? Her daughter struggled with mental health issues. I suppose she looked to me for some guidance for I had written a book on similar topics to which she was struggling. This ‘friendship’ however, turned spiritually sour. Because, though I had seemed to overcome ‘mental health’ struggles in a serene manner…my other thoughts, deliberations and ideas on society as a whole, were not moral majority user friendly. I am belligerent and coarse and honest when I write.   There had been no mention of rancid rancor between said woman and myself.  Just a slow, undefined and minor removal of our friendship from the dreaded follower federation…FACEBOOK!  ..And, through this whole process of book burning via the internet…I’ve come to some conclusions.

So, now with the Buddha light on and a semi struggled zen walk among-st the pines and the dogs, politely spiteful and sheepish persons…still scare  the shit out of me!

So, I inquired of the natural powers that be…What if we were handed a plate of perfect? A dinner option of plate perfect with a side of gluttony. Or, the imperfect option with a dash of greater understanding! Biting off more than I can chew. Cleaning up the act. Pointing fingers. Giving the finger.

A different size shoe of thought? Warm fuzzy or no friendship! Yes to a gun range next to an animal shelter…Or, no, no, no to any gun range what so ever…even if it is next to your worse enemy.

All of this back and forth banter, a linear line of resentment. Prideful pies in the human sky along with well established schools of doubt. Is it really as they say, befriending icons, images and idols from across the aisle. Or, is another sugar coated cookie…so as not to upset the apple cart?

‘Don’t nod just smile.’ warned the Higher Power Pilot.

‘Don’t question the parade dedicated to those we’ve lost during colored coos. And, less mind-fullness more blinded by star power faith…during the evening news’ words smitten in anger by a congregation of Who’s Who.

There are some resentment gods…I’ve heard say, ‘don’t go lookin’ out the window if you don’t want to see what’s coming’

There are some followers who will tell you, ‘don’t worry I’ve heard of a someone else. A someone else who’ll take care of the bad too!’

Between time and space, anger and hate, resentment speaks for itself…nothing from nothing.

Whether the blind who bind with half bought mad outlaws. People who shame the dead for the gold. Followers who turn their backs to getting down off the barbed wire fence…for the souls are already sold.

Linear…a time and place to the rats running an infinite race. What we’ve got here is pride dress up in sanity. Panic, disorder, mayhem, vanity vs open minds, a conscience calamity.

My actions should be accountable to mindful-ness...not consequences!
My actions should be accountable to mindful-ness…not consequences!

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