Camaro Haven, USA

Frenzy Franklin NH
Frenzy Franklin NH

This neck of the woods

whether for better or worse…

bad or good.

My cul-de-sac with pretend black on white hoods.

Mildly, wildly not educated dope Popes paying dues.

Welfare Momma’s and smack Daddy’s

with nothing but a needle and a spoon and booze

What’s that?

Willful Concealment...NH
Willful Concealment…NH

‘It’s better to burn out than fade away.

Your futures so bright you have to wear shades?’

It’s a fantasy world

wife beater’s, bad tattoo’s, stay-cations’ collar blues…

Tied and died brick and mortar shanties and sugar shack subsidies

Uncle Sam’s poor-man vanity!

Fashionista factories…

Open late ‘cept Sundays.

24 hour pregnancy tests…

dime store drug sets…

park and go Ho’s…

Craig’s list 3 ways…

Rent it All…

bring it home today!

Something always happening in

my little neck of the woods.

Cavalier rednecks amp ed on rock.

Sprawl-mart Meth labs

state issued cracker trash

Avenues of scratch ticket cash.

Camaro Heaven Harley’s

Bad girls named synthetic Molly.

Scrappin’ steel and stolen copper at the ‘You Pull It’ lot

Salvation get aways paid for on salvaged income

Middle school drop-outs pimpin’ in prison

Round here everywhere a concealed weapon…

‘cept hunting season.

My neck of the woods …

down right





for better or for worse

bad or good

a constant state of willful concealment

just check under the hood…

Small town antics found under the's all good!
Small town antics found under the hood…it’s all good!

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