the Silver Sedan

In marriage, there is always a healthy bond between...if something's not's wrong!
In marriage, there is always a healthy bond between…if something’s not right…it’s wrong!


I saw a silver four door. I had hoped it was you. After all, Mother Nature and her stormy weather had left me feeling unglued. It was in a dream. Or, so, I thought! The silver four door…the flooding…the lightening…the bad karma spider web in which I found myself caught.the silver sedan 3

Typically, my style has always been to battle back. My mother always said, child, ‘it is common sense that you lack.’ But after forty days and forty nights of rain. I am left adrift on a float of bad weather. With only myself to blame.

Noah came by the other day. With a boat and a pole and a dog. He’d asked if I had planned on a long stay. I took time from wringing out my Camo shorts. I turned to the big fella and said,

‘My love has left me as though it were just a sport!’the silver sedan 4

Around day twenty-two, the sun had left for Canada. It took the dog. The flower bed. The sleeping bag. It even took the ‘do not remove’ pillow tags. It left me alone and lonely…thinking a country and western song was the least I could give you.

So Sweetheart, in your silver sedan. I’ve made us some big plans. Putting aside the things you did wrong. Putting to bed a tent filled with long ponds. All this aside, here by the lake, I dreamed of you and your four door….I’ve forgiven your mistake.

Accidentally Yours-

Ruththe silver sedan 6


Monsoon’s are not half as fun when you are up a creek with out a paddle!

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