a sitting Preacher


You invite me into your heart

and than say,

you have to pay for what you break and take.

With all this, a protest to not be fake.

Everybody knows.

Everybody knows.

In this case, an exception to the golden rule.

Not all who rush  in are fools.

Worries are two fold, dark and deep, in defeat.

Everybody knows…

winning is only a temporary mythical seat.

Those with papered reins speaking from a cushioned bed

ask their daughters…

where is it that you see red.

Do you not know something about love and grace.


Have the screaming belt-less gods replaced…unsanctioned good taste.

Doubtful winter solemn solstice.

Down  times of dark.

Everybody knows, from crawl the heart.


recanting in moderation leaves a lonely nation.

Everybody knows

Every knows…the past wears new clothes.

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