Rewards for Conformity


As of late, the words, dyke, lesbo,faggot, etc.,etc., derogatory terms, used to describe my kind…have become more blatant.

I suppose it would go to say, that no matter the political atmosphere.  Disregarding the misdirected hate.  Discarding the obvious; love is love is love.

Above all this, after 30 years of fighting to care for myself by allowing my truth to prevail…’the prejudice held by some…only adds fuel to my fire!’

And, in tune with my truth.  My forever fight to enjoy what others take so…indignantly and politically incorrect…marriage!  I implore any reader, any follower, any person of interest…attached to this blog…please, unplug.  Let go.  Find another place to enjoy your fake love for others…elsewhere.

This blog is meant only for those who believe there is only one integral right among-st the Gods.  And, that is right to love whomever we wish.  For indeed, to love is the greatest gift in this world.


“As for loving woman, I have never understood why some people had a fit. I still don’t. It seems fine to me. If an individual is productive responsible, and energetic, why should her choice in a partner make such a fuss? The government is only too happy to take my tax money and yet they uphold legislation that keeps me a second class citizen. Surely, there should be a tax break for those of us who are robbed of full and equal participation and protection in the life of our nation.”

“Oh great, you too. So now I wear this label ‘Queer’ emblazoned across my chest. Or I could always carve a scarlet ‘L’ on my forehead. Why does everyone have to put you in a box and nail the lid on it? I don’t know what I am—polymorphous and perverse. Shit. I don’t even know if I’m white. I’m me. That’s all I am and all I want to be. Do I have to be something?”

vanity plate 10
NO government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love .  The only ‘queer’people are the ones who don’t love anybody!


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