Momma said, there’d be days like this

momma 2

She smiles at me as if to say,

‘don’t worry, it will be okay.’

But what of the aches and pains that fill the mind?

The dreams, good or bad, hidden in places only I can find.

My Cheshire cat grins at me, from time to time.

Particularly on days when it appears…she is not a fan.

I pretend to not listen…when she reminds me,

‘you are just Alice in Blunder-land.’

and, then…

She will smile and blink, as if to say,

‘get off the fence…

you Mad Hatter…

this is not your last dance.’

But, again, I ponder,

‘do I dare speak of my continued lack of…wonder?’

momma 1

Of all the visionaries that garnish my diet.

Those beings who will not stay quiet.

It would be the one true love who unsettles me the most.

She is the queen elect to my despondency host.

Over and over again,

her cup runneth over with my toast.

Fear not,

yours is just another day in paradise.

It is a day for hidden visions to come out and fight.

momma 3
When it’s nobody’s business the way that you want to live.  Just have to remember there’ll be days like this

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