Rehab made for Two



Had I held the hammer

rather than, pushing the coffin.

Had I held the last nail…

last rites would have sooner prevailed.

Randomly, I think of you…

Perhaps, just after sullen love songs.

And, incidentally, after a friend has done me wrong.

Scenes of dread from a winter that has gone on too long.

Photographs, images, of you and I.

Bridges that burned from the middle out.

Now, current day, I am reminded of you..and, of I…

when I cannot catch a high.

Our love had been a ghost town with all the souls heading south.

No matter our attempt to feed that stray dog…

He just wouldn’t stay.

In the end, neither one of us never knowing when to get out of our own way.

Like the time the bicycle made for two

rusted straight thru.

Melting the pedals…

Turning the whole affair from Folk to Heavy Metal.

The good in good-bye had never held any truth for us.

Yeah, I guess its been awhile …

since I have thought of hidden meanings from behind a smile.

Since loosing a race without running a mile.

There was nothing we could do

Nothing we could do…

there are no rehabs made for two.


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