a Menace to My Welfare

the panic 1

Today, a gratitude list that includes…gratitude!

It is so much easier to appreciate life with a full cup.  But…let me not forget, if the cup is full it is more likely to spill.

I struggle with bone crunching pain, morning, mid-day, night, and, every second in between.

Do I remember to give praise for simple things?  For the ability to walk, shower, play with the dogs…embrace my wife?

Fifty percent of the time, no, thanksgiving is not on my list.  I am busy strapping a brace on.  Medicating the physical pain away.  And/or, not practicing what I preach.

My mother had been placed on oxygen the other day.  She is daunted with COPD.  She too wonders about this…the glass is full…predicament.

Yet, as I watch her, I think to myself…

‘She has the ability to breathe again.  She can do what not too long ago…she could not.  Indeed, the device is disabling, to a degree, but the life it is offering far out weighs the bad.’


Loss of mindfulness is why people engage in useless pursuits, do not care for their own interests and remain un-alarmed in the presence of things which actually menace their welfare.

-Siddharha Gautama

There is a way to overcome our pain…if we just outside of ourselves.

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