A fool’s morning folly


born on an overcast day 1

Every morning, I start with a good cup of coffee.  A snug with a family pet.  And, an upsetting, humorous glance, at what is considered…the News.

And, almost every morning, I think,

‘Fuck, I am great!’

I say this to self…within the first few moments of being a participant in the day.  However, with some clarity, a full cup of caffeine and a shower.

The following self inventory begins…

I need to take better care of my spouse.  I need to keep an eye on my mother’s medications.  I need to improve the yard from brown to green…now that it is above freezing for a day.

mindful 2
Franklin, New Hampshire

The list goes on and on and on.


Eventually, after the conditioner is semi rinsed from my hair…I realize that the world will not be conquered by me today.

Than I say to myself…simple words for a complex person…

‘Practice.  Not perfection.  Fake it til you make it!’

old n sober 3

If a fool can see their own folly, in this they are wise.  But the fool who thinks they are wise, they are indeed the real fool.


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