the Way of the Beabull

Lazy is the Beabull who does not follow the Way

towanda 1

Character list:

Bogie the Beabull, family pet, slow on the uptake


Baby Faced Floyd the quiet one, appears disillusioned, claims to know about true existence

floyd spring.jpg

Bogie said, “If I understand correctly one who wishes to reach perfect wisdom…should watch the way things are in the world…what bone to pick…what bone to let go!  And, therefore, they should practice perfection.  Yet, we should not believe theses perfections to be real?  Therefore, I shouldn’t see the same markd fire hydrant and believe it my ultimate goal.  I shouldn’t pay homage to the ‘treat’?”


Baby Face Floyd replied, “Exactly, Bogie.  The one who contemplates life like this…way…understands the nature of the dopey dog…untrained and misdirected.  The one who understands makes himself a top dog in looking for truth and pointing it out to his owner…both with a wag of the tail and without.”

Tanned Tannery


Bogie asked, “But I am just a mixed breed.  Happy in not knowing.  Is this ‘way’ of yours  just for the pedigree and Westminster graduate?”

“Did you get out of the womb last?  Of course, not!” replied Baby Face.  “This idea is open to all, even the dull witted hound and to those, like yourself, that cannot pay attention.  The pet-door is open to anyone who wants to tread, trot and pounce the path – but not to the four legged conformist who is lazy in thought and indifferent to just marking anything that is along the way of their journey!”


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