Impatient Perennial

impatient 4

I came here, clearly, my sign, for a better understanding of your grand design.

A search of familiar woods, made the secluded easy to find.

It is a long walk home without dignity.

Without a loss of mind.

Not without ramblings refined.

Just cannot bid goodbye, to a your land… mine.

impatient 5

I hike this infinite trail alone.

With a god’s speed, I assume we all do.

With a god’s speed, what is old is new.


A lone perennial in the full light of day.

Arid arrangements,

bound by a fluid ounce of  clarity.

Are these the seeds that will flower.

Are these the pilgrimages that…silence cannot be.

The light of day forces…I am to see.

impatient 6 impatient 8

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