Seymour Glass

in harms way 2

Seymour Glass?

Who is he?

What does he mean?

Is he you and I?

Seymour Glass/A Perfect Day for Bananafish/J.D. Salinger

To look at life is a lot like looking through a window only to see another window (and another, and another).

Or, perhaps…

…we should try to “see more” before we speak.  Seymour?  Is about what we might discover regarding the intricate and often conflicting and contradictory ways we learn to show and recognize the fundamental love between us.

See more, talk less?


out of harms way 3

In Harm’s Way

First you say, you do.

Then you don’t.

Then you say, you will.

But then you won’t.

Nothing but harm’s way…at this point.

There is an ache to shattered Glass.

Scars to be had when a window closes too fast.

Talk about Seymour Glass?

Staring down the barrel of a gun,

I heard him shout,

‘I have my doubts!’

in harms way 1“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”


J.D. Salinger

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