So Real vs. Surreal

I learned my appreciation of photography, from my father.  He had been a learned, professional photographer.  Studied in the fine art of aperture, light meter, etc, etc.  Often a common feisty argument between us, had been, digital photography verses manual film photography.

Course, the main point of the argument:

Digital photography is not art.  It can be manipulated by the user…beyond what is real or not real…


In all honest, a good photographer brings to the viewer, a vision, individual to the user…not a set in it’s way image, from the mind of the artist.

Either way…

still photography is nothing less than an infinite attempt at seeing things differently.

‘It is the unexpected, hit or miss, instant impulse, these strange accidents, this surrealistic serendipity, out of which great photographs are born.’

Carolyn Kenmore

awkward 4

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