Practice not Perfection

What of joy?  What of perfection?  And, moreover, what of practice?

I am diligent in my search for meaning, beauty, goodness, spirituality.  And, mostly, I find myself seeking truth in the teachings of Buddhism.

At first, like sobriety, I felt as though I bit off more than I could chew.  Also, similar to sobriety, I went about, at first, on a pink cloud believing the following:

If I make amends to everyone.  Everyone will love me.  And, I can go on my happy go lucky way.

Life on life’s terms hits us all in the face.  Every morning, every hour, every second…if we allow ourselves to be ‘awakened’!  It’s not an easy road to travel, or as Frost puts it,

Two roads diverged in the woods, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Unfortunately, he did not say,

I chose to walk a different walk…and my path turned into the yellow brick road paved in the middle with gold.

Daily, I must come to terms with ‘imperfections’, of that character trait, I am perfect.  I cannot be omnipotent, all knowing.  yet, I can stay in tune with…

a practice of spirituality that makes me a better person today, than I had been yesterday!

stupid 2


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