Sober for a Day

Sipping from a toxic cup of jealousy, my hand shakes from the reverie.

I remember her words of observance,

as if only yesterday,

‘look me in the eye when you lie to me.’

Guess it didn’t matter who was wrong or right.

Could never hold a drunken gaze.

Always lost for fright of sight.

With the illusion of not wanting to let go,

always holding me down.

Forever ,searching my ‘maybe’ wilderness.

History has plagued me with misguided adventures.

Searching for a way out of donut holes.

Just another Robin Hood fishing for treasure without a pole.

My glance is so much different today than yesterday.

With a litany of laundry lists.

Inventories of fallen angels.

There is never an end to lies…webbed



Hence, my sight not so finely aged.

To insist my victims believe I am a sober sage.

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