Feast for Thought

art quake 4

  • If two dogs struggle for one bone, the third will run away with it.
  • Never sound your trumpet…in your own house.
  • It is easy to preach to the starving…on a full stomach.
  • Human blood is all the same color.
  • There is a reason why cats hide their claws.
  • Better to have the last smile than the last laugh.
  • A person who loves to be at the window, is like balloons on the highway.
  • The only price for love…is love.
  • No matter the beauty of attire, you can’t hide the clown.
  • Contentious zealots are often the devil’s harvest.
  • You need only one saddle for one horse.
  • Best to speak well of the dead.
  • Speech is the gift for all, but thought about by a few.
  • Anything done in goodness…is worth doing twice.
  • Easier to remember than forget.
  • Virtue will agree, vices will argue.
  • Who has a wolf for a spouse, needs a dog for a friend.
  • A women in mischief is wiser than a man.
  • Better the writer who writes with the scholar and chats with the vulgar.

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