Comedy of My Errors


I am no longer ashamed to admit; that in my drinking career, I received two DWI’s!  The stories behind them both were and are embarrassing.  Yet, after years of sobriety, I can laugh at the fact…

One drunken incident had me stuck in a traffic circle, York, Maine, unable to get out!  I believe the Chief of Police waited until the 11th time…of  circling, before pulling me over.

The second drunken disorderly, DWI and disobeying a police officer…happened in Weaverville, North Carolina, whilst I had been on foot!

Could I have made my way without the arrest?

But of course!

However, in true, belligerent, alcoholic manner…

I had been asked a very simple question:

‘Is that your ’75 Chevy Pick-up back there?’

And, thus, my reply…

‘That fuckin’ piece of shit is all mine.  Do you want to make something of it?’

We've Got Big Balls

Course, the best comedy…the errors of our own way.  For the hardest pill of injustice and strife to swallow?

The one we force-feed on ourselves.
Good comedy is nothing more than, Yin and Yang, with a punchline!

“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in heaven.”

Mark Twain

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