Offbeat Songbird

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The distance between her and I?

Perhaps, the span of a celestial sky.

Misunderstood in our lives,

there is more in our colloquial, then the why.

We are the lucky ones.

She and I.

And, those not afraid to fly.

I put a name to her once.

Course, that was when ignorance played queen.

How was I to know,

somethings can’t be owned.

Though the question seemed primal,

will you still love me tomorrow?

I have of late,

wished my innocence not to go.

As the offbeat songbirds ignite my soul.

There is a universe of fear.

Neither do I wish her harm


question what has daily, brought her here.

Somehow she pardons the humanness in me.

No matter how inclement the weather…

It is her nature of things…that bonds us together.

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