My Bodhi Tree

the bodhi tree 3



A bodhi tree is born, Buddhists believe, on the same day as that which marks the birth of the Buddha himself, who will sit under that tree in his quest for Enlightenment. However, it does not die on the day the Buddha passes away. Instead it remains till the very end of the kalpa, a mythological period of time that is almost beyond measure. At the end of the period, called kalpanta, the world will be destroyed in one of three ways: by the kalpanta varsha, the Rain; by the kalpanta vahni, the Fire; and by the kalpanta vata, the Wind. The last place on the earth that would be thus destroyed would be the site of the bodhi tree.

According to Buddhist mythology, the world will reappear and the very first site that would be recreated would be the site of the bodhi tree. In order to identify this site a lotus plant,padmankura, would arise and it is believed that all flowers that would appear in that kalpa would be from this plant.


#What Buddhists believe about the Bodhi Tree

“Thou Shalt not cut this Tree!”

by Prof. J. B. Disanayaka

boddhi tree 1

Though it appears as, just a lone pine.

And, perhaps, a singular oak.

It’s matter and placement insignificant.

There is no reckoning to be a Fig tree.

This, this one,  is mine and mine alone.

An attachment free zone.

the bodhi tree 4
I man once told the Buddha, “I want happiness!” The Buddha responded with, “First take the ‘I’ away. Then remove the want. After ridding yourself of Ego and desire…you will find true happiness.”

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  1. haha use to have a little chipmunk that would run over our feet at the monastery I use to visit 🙂

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