I am so small, after all!

Tired? America

In the midst of my morning misery…Growing up, growing old, using several braces…to move about the house.  In all these moments, I am able to pull my shit together so much that…’I am so small, after all..’ becomes part of my mantra.

If for no other reason, poetry, photography, the art of life, has taught me, this suffering is so minute.  This life is so quick.  So, flash card ready.

Perhaps, that is why I take a moment, everyday, to not look purposely, straight ahead.

Look up, look down, look under, or look, anywhere than at one’s  comfort zone.

It improves circulation, sense of smallness and/or, at least, causes one to notice just how much the lawn needs watering!

ansel 1

“The whole world is, to me, very much “alive” – all the little growing things, even the rocks. I can’t look at a swell bit of grass and earth, for instance, without feeling the essential life – the things going on – within them. The same goes for a mountain, or a bit of the ocean, or a magnificent piece of old wood.”

  • Ansel Adams

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