Dog n Ma…Bathroom Antics

Owning a tail-less dog is like staring down the barrel of a smokin' gun!

Usually Monday is inspiration day.  A thought or a quote to keep us all going thru a week of life on life’s terms.  After having walked approximately, 200,000, miles, in my adult life.  Miles and miles of walking the dog…And, walking the dog…And, walking the dog.

I feel it is only my duty to speak to the dog and/or dogs of my readers.

Cut the shit!

Quit it with the licking noise.  You know the noise…It sounds like a bad porno soundtrack mixed with someone taste testing a ginger flavored ice cream.


stop with the marking!  I have one dog…who will remain nameless…that pisses on anything and everything sticking out of the ground.  On many occasions, this has been a neighbor’s dog or a stray outdoor cat.

My new pet peeve?bad air

Why must one dog, who is tethered to another, stick their head underneath the hood?  Particularly, while that hood is still peeing.  Similar to what humans call a…golden shower.

June is the national….Potty Training Awareness Month.  I assume that this holiday was designed for infants.  But animal lovers do not despair!  I believe this special month could work well for your dog.

So, please, take a moment today…grab a treat and a promise of outdoor activities to come…and, talk to your dog/dogs!  Inform them that though they maybe cute…we are all dispensable.  And, cuteness only gets you so far.

I firmly believe if we all have these special ‘talks’…life will be much easier on us all!

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