Home, again, with Abigail

abigail 2

Here, below my feet, number 99 given unto tablets…taglines…

All centuries old, a woman I will never know.

Scathing and cold, just another disruptive, disposable being.

Several untold stories …below ground level…

Pinned  and confined to society’s example of evil.

So often we are nothing but a number.

So often stoned due to our history.

So often victims of our own mystery.

Would any of you here…think of me…a Lazarus?

A modern day drifter…

Part disillusioned rolling stone…

Part bombastic fugitive…set apart…desperately alone.


Insane is a stone with no name.

Asylum…just a label…a house for someone else’s shame.

Abigail…I have named you.

The number 99 seems so isolated…

by design.

Just stopping by…

wanted to let you know…

you’ve been on my mind.

Just wanted you to know…

there are more of your kind.

abigail 3

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