Wanton OffSpring

wanton woman 1.jpg

Dutiful daughter…

dutifully, unaware…

maligned so often on how to…

spread out the care.


‘A lie!’ perhaps…in reckoning thought.

But a wanton daughter with sense of duty…


She is nothing more than…

‘anyway the wind blows.’


How can it be…strength gathering at her feet?

When the virgin morn begs for retreat.


And, thus, this benign daughter knows…

‘All lives matter!’

In the thick of her a.m. chatter…

‘It’s a rainy night in Georgia…’

And, so it goes,

a tender nod of approval.

“Sometimes, it feels like it’s raining all over the world.”

Indeed, with a whisper…

‘it is rainy all over the world.!’

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