Say, Hey, Harvey!

harvey milk 1

Once upon a time, a small convenience store…elderly clerk, young males (approximately, 3 or 4) and, a single Tomboy/girl…singled out from the pack.

As the youngsters crowded the candy counter…

“You don’t wanna get those candy cigarettes…You are such a fag!  Only queers get those!”


Turns and walks out.  No purchase.  No sign of emotional response.  Just a look of confusion.  Uncertain, she heads home…slight frown on her freckled face.  She packs away the scene of rowdy  of kids and their comments in the back of her mind.

In the attic of her thoughts.  Where other hidden reflections live…

Reflections like:

“Why can’t I ask about those two men that are always together in church.  What about my friend Dawn?  She so different…So not like other adults.  Why won’t my parents let me go camping with her?”

Today, adult Tomboy/woman…group of mischievous preteens at an ice cream counter…

“Did you see that kid?  That girl he was with?  She is such a dyke!  You’d think he would know!  What a fag!”

rita 1

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

Harvey Milk

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