Sunday Drives


If I had dared to share words…mile after mile…I may have missed a trinket or two..

such as, fair, care…

Most notably…faithful…beware.

The tires have grown weary.

The surface of things…brittle and callous from the salty tides.

Queries… once again…to the growing bucket of  worshiper…beware.

These Sunday morning drives.

Heading down to church.

Not something that was planned just an ache…

An itch for you to scratch.

And, from the beginning…the agreement…our spirituality does not match.

As a matter of course, our faith source had succumb to a greater course.

It has been my pleasure to share in your god.

Our Sunday drives no longer a destination of fruitful vine fields that wane.

In the passenger seat…just after daylight has begun…

infinitely…finding your god and mine…one in the same.



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