the Air of a Liar


weeds-1 weeds-4

The water is pooling.

Sacrificing more than mere breath.

And, this is a scenario dysfunction has kept.


Odd how my hands have grown accustomed to carrying your secrets.

How my footing, once so stable,

has become crippled by your descent.


Ironic, the only truth in life are the elements…

but those not always heaven-sent.


I will always dedicate my words to you.

After all…you have put me through.


So in remembrance…it is that time of year, again.

When I am uniquely aware of water and fire.

The way nature sheds her growth.

The moments when life decides to go.


Eerily quiet, as the seasons, bump into each other.

365 days…walking towards truth.

And, it has yet to be discovered.

Earth, air, fire and water.

I suppose by elemental proxy…we are all liars.

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