Plain White…Me

divided-2 divided-4 divided-5

Divided by color?

One forest dissected by all that is man-made.

What other distortions shall come our way?


Never raised in black or white.

With gay or straight.

A city of privilege.

Lay at my heathen’s feet.


All around,

Lennon on vinyl.


torn and worn.

Lay heavily,

like a Bell Jar.

In the back pocket of my tough-skins.

Images of jesus,

four point restrained…ghastly, lastly,

they say,

he began…again.


One could tell,

I didn’t know better.

Know better to hate.

Never a care given…

to who had been on the other side of a handshake.

With years of me…in my wake.

When a stranger’s hand has reached out for help…

it still remains a hand that I should take.



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