the Pilgramage

much less alone 1

‘Can I handle the changeable seasons of my life?’

Perhaps, that is question that will go unanswered.

But in brave retrospect, I would like to try.


More than a generation has been spent with you in my rear-view.

And, this tough skin, I cannot undo.

Turning over the day terrors, like a wounded penny in the palm of my hand.

A recluse to refusal, heading down the wrong route.

It took a lifeline to figure the obvious out.


The demure, pastoral, scenes for justice to see.

A mother, dainty, shuffling morals with biscuits and hot tea.

A grievous misrepresentation for witness’s at a yule tide party.

Yet, behind the scenes, a question unanswered,

‘where were you?’


Thus, in retrospect, I had conceived it all wrong.

That is,

the Auld Lang Syne and…paternal swan song.

So, it is a resolution…I can do

I will not opt for a route around the woods.

I will cautiously pick the trail that goes through.

Currier n Ives Scenic HIghway, NH
Currier n Ives Scenic HIghway, NH


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