Misidentified with Art


A Distant Resistance

Are not they all,

out-cast by their own demons?

Some curious curios paying from a penal’s penance.

Admittedly, a life’s work destined for resistance.

Is but a man’s world.

With a woman’s embrace.

An androgens fare?

Or, deliberate dexterity for those imprisoned there?

Our history is yet to be complete…as many, grasp for women before.

Subversiveness not a weakness, something more.





Freda Laughton

Now I am a Tower of Darkness

As a child I knew
How, beyond the lamp’s circuit,
Lay the shadow of the shadow
Of this darkness,

Waiting with an arctic kiss
In the well of the staircase,
Ready to drape the bed with visions
No eyelids can vanquish.

Now I am a tower of darkness,
Whose windows, opening inward,
Stare down upon tidal thoughts.
And in this responsive bell,

Hollowed by the silence of the eyes,
The mind swings its clapper.
And life resolves into relationships
Of cadence and dissonance.

Freda Laughton












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