Alternative Facts…My Way

  • The sunshine’s brightly, everyday in New Hampshire

  • Cats come when you call them


  • Dogs don’t need treats to do the next right thing

  • When your spouse says, ‘you know what’s wrong with me!’  It is best to answer…honestly

  • When you open the hood and, check the ‘engine’.  The ‘check engine’ light…automatically goes off

  • Butch lesbians like it on top

  • All lesbian music is angry

  • Plaid shorts and flannel look good together

  • The last few Nicholas Cage movies have been done on merit alone

  • Tom Brady didn’t know anything about his balls


  • Donald Trump wants to raise up the ‘poor, misunderstood, uneducated, white, male’

  • Two wrongs, make a right

  • Size matters

  • Mary Magdalene did not make a living…as a prostitute

  • Priests are celibateself-control-motivational-poster-21653


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