She Believes in Me


She believes in me.

Though, delinquent in character,

faith is upon me…when I am near her.

The darkest of nights…inflicted with screams, frights,

memories of a past life.

The lightest of orchid,

fleshy with her uncommon spice.

Increasingly, unending, there is knowledge that I can do better.

Clear sighted, my love’s core, strikes best when crisis is upon trouble’s long-lasting letters.

Duskiness can keep my fears.

Gloom may knock far from the bedside…

but it’s presence,

I cannot steer.

Somehow, my love, without seconds of thought…

Huddles to me…

Dashing away the somber crevices.

Ridding me off my lonesome lot.imageedit_15_3131286595


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