Something to Throw in the Snow



I have lost it.  I placed it on the ground.

My burden…

For all the world to see.

Had I.

long ago,

seen that black cat in my path.imageedit_46_8448002766

I would have taken a different pass.

That is of no consequence now.  As I place faith down…


await the last laugh.

After all,

only the devoutly, pampered,

knead peace and harmony.

All the same,

these were not gentle persuaders that brought me to my knees.

It is my own ruthless mind…

That is the cruelest to be kind.

My restless spirit has visited here before.

Belligerent, naked, on the soiled floor.

Knelt in prayer.


encrusted with yesterday’s snow.

Freckled cheeks,

turned from the winds that come and go.

I have hastened and wrest…

time and time again,

with self-pity.

Cast many a tired, leery, shadow to the snow.

Yet, as always,

a mindful hiker.

A trail left behind.

For when acceptance comes to mind.



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