The Hour I First Believed

Watering down Peace

The very hour I first…believed, recovery was possible?

Seven o’clock, Tuesday night…1995!

The plane, the plane, flew overhead.  As the prodigies from Farnum Rehab Center, made their way to church!  A building devoted to keeping AA groups in the basement.  In case, life and sobriety got out of hand.

What a wonderfully, large, smoking meeting!  I remember it as though, it had been the beginning of my climbing the ladder out of…rock bottom.

The plane, the plane, flew a flyer behind it.  Bright red, blue and sparkle-full!

‘We Can Help!’

Had been all it said.

Course, it had been an advertisement for a local car dealership.

That did not matter.

It had been a revelation for a bleeding from the heart, addict.

Necessary Items 4 a family outing

“It’s like there’s this wave coming toward me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And then it reaches me, crashes over me and…and I’m done for another day. I just give up. Give in to it. Because how do you stop a wave?

You don’t. And you’re wise to recognize your powerlessness to do so. But what you can do is learn how to negotiate this wave. Work within the context of its inevitability.”     Wally Lamb

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