the Evil that Dogs Do

Pretty straight forward.

Though, typically, unintended, dogs, mongrel or pedigree…can gross their owners out.  And, piss their dog zen…to the limit.

  • The neuter of a male dog and, he is still insistent on humping anything above ground.

  • Rolling in items that have passed away years ago and/or been up someone else’s ass!

  • Most dogs believe the activity of intercourse between two people is a call to them for a play fight.  Or, such as my dogs…they assume you are in pain and in need of help!

  • All dogs believe their tongues are a gift from the Higher Power.  And, thus, go out of their way to put it anywhere they damn well please!  The same could be said, for their noses!

  • Dogs instinctively have a knack for eating/destroying…only the important things.  Such as, this year’s tax returns, birth certificates, checks and/or paper products that there are no copies of.

  • I have had no peace with…the ‘human #2 time…in 5 years!


  • No mattress of any comfort or price has been signed to accommodate the sleeping position of dog owners!  The following is an example of what it is like when the dog…decides it is time to put their skinny ass…in the,  bed.

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