As Music Goes Out of Existence


When a lute is played, there is no previous store of playing that it comes from.  When the music stops, it does not go anywhere else.  It came into existence by way of the structure of the lute and the playing of the performer.  When the playing ceases, the music goes out of existence.

In the same way all the components of being, both material and non-material come into existence, play their part and pass away.

That which we call a person is the bringing together of components and their actions with each other.  It is impossible to find a permanent self there.  And, yet there is a paradox.  For there is a path to follow and there is walking to be done, and yet there is no walker.  There are actions but there is no actor.  The air moves but there is no wind.  The idea of a specific self is a mistake.  Existence is both clarity and emptiness.

Visuddhi Maggaimageedit_42_7053278528


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