Containing the Fears


With the earth wrung out from the tears.

Moving waters…stood fast.

Closing in.

Containing the fears.

Languishing over the legitimacy of soil and its girth.

Many steps were taken.

I was not.

I am not.

A plot of plans…first.

Laying beneath the toil.

Conceivably, annoyance, rain, sun!

Destruction’s attempt at love.

In the dim light of awakening…my hesitancy would not rise above.


Though, I have lived to come on strong.

Resilience in requiem’s way…For now, cannot be swayed.

Always, undisturbed, yet, perturbed…

For my part, I cannot…will not give in to the powers that may be.

Until the end of Me…

I refuse to believe what others choose to see.



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