An Innocent Venture

If I asked you not to open that box.

Would you not?

Knowing all that I have not got?

It is a box like none other.

As I am sure, you are aware.

There are no smooth wooden planks.

It was not produce for comfort.

Nor, speed.

Though, build with love in mind.

It did not come from sturdy stock.

A bad seed.

The killing kind.

Many have traveled to my boxed up past.

To see what it is made of.


many have learned they could not rise above.


in truth,

I am just a box living outside of my box.

Flesh and bone.

Soul of solid stone.


upon the opening of my box…

It has been best to go it alone.

But with great courage.

You have decided to make my woes your own.

Sometimes it takes the innocent to venture into the great unknown.

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