Dusky Bi-Way, Glory and Gods!


There is a point on this dusky bi-way.  Where you drive into heaven.  No gates, no end, no beginning.  A slow moving climax of Glory and Gods lay ahead.  Just rummaging around in petite country shacks.

Beyond the medicinal huts of cedar shake…Workers of varying beliefs.  All on a pilgrimage to move emancipated stone.

‘No task more difficult to conceive than to adjust acres of rock…Until it sets the soul right!’imageedit_26_2474227145

Grandiose gorges have been built on the premise of pride.  And, without warning, a lost river and life collide.  Waters sweep thru with an icy hand and wash the work away.

It is my theory that this is why the environmental/philosophical/exterior decorator…arrives.

Among many of us.  Those considered lost.  Those believed to be vagabonds.  Poets and artists seeking their do.  All of these and so much more…Such as myself…

Attempt the impossible…imageedit_33_8994973596

Only to walk away with this conclusion…

Sometimes you can take things away.  A gust of retrospect…Perhaps!  Yet, in the end, it all washes away to a greater scheme.  One we have yet to understand.’

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